Medicaid and Work: Crisis in Arkansas?


By Doug Badger & Gracie-Marie Turner
RealClear Health, Jan. 29, 2019

The shrill criticism of Arkansas’s Medicaid work requirements is not supported by facts. Eligible recipients must report at least 80 hours a month of work, training, etc., or they’ll be dropped from the program until the end of the year. Just under just under 17,000 people lost Medicaid coverage for failing to meet the work requirements in 2018. All were eligible to re-enroll on January 1 to try again. Fewer than 1,000 did.  Let’s hope many of them found jobs.  A study by the Buckeye Institute found that people who favorably respond to work requirements will earn far more—in some cases nearly $1 million more—over the course of a lifetime than those who remain on Medicaid and don’t increase their work efforts. Click here to read more.