The Left’s Utopian Health Care Promises


By Grace-Marie Turner
Forbes, May 3, 2019

Americans are frustrated with the current health care system. Care costs far too much. Millions are priced out of the insurance market, and even those with insurance say premiums and deductibles are so high they might as well be uninsured. But when government officials make decisions about what services will be covered, how much providers will be paid, and how much citizens must pay in mandatory federal taxes, consumers will have even fewer choices and less control than they do today. M4All will reduce access to new technologies, stifle innovation, and result in a near-doubling of the tax burden. The Left is undaunted with its promises of free virtually unlimited health care for everyone and has an answer for everything. The House Rules Committee hearing on Tuesday, where Chuck Blahous and I testified, showed what we are up against. Click here to read more.