Medicaid Expansion has Louisianans Dropping Their Private Plans


By Chris Jacobs

The Wall Street Journal, June 7, 2019

If any state can serve as the poster child for the problems associated with ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion, it’s Louisiana, which joined the expansion in 2016. An audit released last year exposed ineligible Medicaid beneficiaries, including at least 1,672 people who made more than $100,000. But Louisiana’s Medicaid expansion has revealed another waste of taxpayer funds: the money spent providing coverage to people who already had health insurance. Via a public-records request, the Pelican Institute obtained data demonstrating that thousands of Louisiana residents dropped their private coverage to enroll in Medicaid under the expansion. Jacobs warns other states against expanding Medicaid and opening up a new channel for people to abuse Medicaid, a program designed for low-income, vulnerable Americans. Click here to read more.

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