Turner Testifies before House Hearing on “Pathways to Universal Coverage”


Galen Institute, June 12, 2019

Grace-Marie Turner testified before the House Ways and Means Committee on Wednesday at a hearing exploring new ways to expand government’s role in the health sector. Turner acknowledged that “People are hurting, and they feel powerless against this system.” But she warned, “It is hard to see how consumers would be more empowered when dealing with a single government payer. In a country that values diversity, will one program with one list of benefits and set of rules work for everyone?” She also cited a new paper by Wharton Prof. Mark Pauly showing that the share of “government-affected” health spending in 2016 already totaled nearly 80%. She also cited Kaiser studies showing that nearly all of the uninsured who are in the U.S. legally already have options for coverage. More government is not the answer; more freedom, competition, cost transparency, and consumer choice will lead to more options for more affordable care and coverage and more people having health coverage. Click here to read more.

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