Health Care Choices 2020

Hard working Americans and small businesses are being driven out of the health insurance market because of soaring costs.  Premiums and deductibles are sky high, and more and more families find they can’t afford to provide coverage for their families.

Obamacare is ruining the individual and small group markets for health insurance and is reducing patient choices, limiting access to care, and increasing out-of-pocket costs for medical care and prescription drugs. Largely because Obamacare made private insurance so unaffordable, 28 million Americans remain uninsured.

The Affordable Care Act has failed.  In an implicit admission of this failure, many of those who helped to design Obamacare now are now doubling-down on government control, supporting a single-payer health care system with even more decisions controlled by the federal government…with no choices or options.

There is a plan to restore health care choices so you and your family can get affordable health coverage that meets your needs. A plan that:

Gives you the CHOICES you want to get the quality care you need

Expands patient FREEDOM


Our Plan will do just that.

Success is our only option. Otherwise we are at risk of a single-payer Federal government-controlled health care system–a system that would define every aspect of your care, who your doctor is, and whether you receive the care you need and want… or not!

Join us in demanding action by supporting our plan for affordable Health Care Choices.



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