Democrats’ Drug Price Controls Threaten Biotech Research, Patients

By Grace-Marie Turner The Daily Signal, September 21, 2021 Prescription drug price-control schemes are one of the most destructive provisions in the Democrats’ $3.5 trillion spending monstrosity. The legislation before Congress would call for Medicare to “negotiate” drug prices. But to Democrats, the word “negotiate” means government-imposed price controls, topped by confiscatory taxes. Click here […]

The Next Medicaid Blowout

By Brian Blase Wall Street Journal, September 21, 2021 Among the many parts of the $3.5 trillion bill Democrats are moving through Congress is a federal Medicaid program to cover mainly childless adults. Medicaid now covers 1 in 4 Americans, but Congress may soon lock even more into an expensive program with inadequate access to […]

Pharmaceutical Innovation is Winning the War on COVID-19.  Biden Shouldn’t Disarm

By Doug Badger Chicago Tribune, April 17, 2021 The Biden administration is launching what amounts to a federal assault against pharmaceutical innovation—innovation that led to the historic feat of producing vaccines against COVID-19 in record time. President Biden would impose federal price controls on prescription medicines that could mean up to 100 fewer drugs entering […]

Will life after COVID-19 be normal?

By Doug Badger The Sun Sentinel, March 5, 2021 Can the federal government ban evictions? Seems like a pretty straightforward question. But the answer touches on a deeper one, as yet unsettled: Will life after COVID-19 be normal? Normal isn’t government permitting us to exercise our liberty. Normal means that we needn’t seek the government’s […]

Dems’ new COVID relief bill mainly subsidizes health care for the rich

By Brian Blase The New York Post, February 28, 2021 Democrats’ holy grail is reducing income inequality. So it’s ironic that they are considering a bill to expand ObamaCare that will primarily benefit richer households and health-insurance companies. Once again, the Democrats appear ready to unilaterally pass a law that ratchets up our already unsustainable […]

Supersizing ObamaCare Subsidies

By The Editorial Board The Wall Street Journal, February 24, 2021 Progressive policy priorities are hitching a ride on Congress’s “Covid relief” bill, shoveling billions into the Affordable Care Act with the goal of making government insurance a middle-class entitlement on the way to Medicare for All. Instead of making the underlying product better or […]

Expanded ACA Subsidies: Exacerbating Health Inflation and Income Inequality

By Brian Blase The Galen Institute, February 23, 2021 The Covid relief bill racing through Congress is a huge giveaway to wealthy households and health insurers, will inflate health costs and premiums, exacerbates income inequality, and sets the stage for a significant loss of employer-sponsored coverage, according to the findings in an important new paper […]

The New Push to Expand Government’s Role in Health Care Won’t Work. Here’s How We Can Help Americans Instead.

By The Health Policy Consensus Group The Heritage Foundation, February 22, 2021 Instead of addressing Obamacare’s many flaws and costly mandates, the Democrats’ misguided proposal simply throws more money at insurance companies. The economic dislocation caused by COVID-19 did not appear to have had a significant adverse effect on health insurance coverage. Congress should pursue […]