What Biden’s Health Policy Would Mean for Millions of Americans

By Robert E Moffit, Ph.D. USA Today, October 10, 2020 President Donald Trump’s key debating point on health policy is substantively correct: Former Vice President Joseph Biden’s health proposal would progressively eliminate Americans’ private health insurance and back Americans into a “single payer” system of government-controlled health insurance. No need to take Trump’s word for […]

What the Campaigns Aren’t Saying About Healthcare

By Sally Pipes Washington Examiner, October 12, 2020 During last week’s vice presidential debate, Sen. Kamala Harris had a stern warning about the Trump administration’s healthcare agenda: “If you have a preexisting condition, they’re coming for you.” In response, Vice President Mike Pence called Obamacare a “disaster” — and moved on. It was a missed opportunity to […]

Public Option Health Plans Haven’t Lowered Premiums

By Ed Haislmaier and John Goodman National Review, October 8, 2020 The left’s favorite idea for reforming Obamacare is a government-sponsored plan — a “public option” — that would compete against private insurers. Lawmakers introduced several public option bills earlier this year, and presidential candidate Joe Biden has embraced the concept. Proponents claim that government-sponsored plans will charge lower premiums […]

Trump’s Failure to Offer A New Health Care Plan Could Be Why He Loses

By Rich Lowry New York Post, October 1, 2020 President Trump has been promising a health-care plan since he started running for president, often with superlative adjectives attached, and yet never produced one. His lack of a proposal was a stumbling block in Tuesday’s debate and plays into a broader, long-standing GOP vulnerability on health care. Polling tends to […]

Pre-Existing Condition Fiction

Wall Street Journal Opinion, September 30, 2020 Joe Biden claimed at Tuesday’s debate that “100 million people who have pre-existing conditions” will lose insurance if the Trump Administration wins an Affordable Care Act case at the Supreme Court. Democrats have terrified voters with this fiction for years, and Republican confusion has helped keep the fear alive. […]

The Disappointing Affordable Care Act

By Brian Blase Forbes, September 23, 2020 The Affordable Care Act (ACA), or Obamacare, was principally intended to improve health insurance markets for individuals and small businesses, lower health costs, and increase the number of people with insurance. It largely failed. Health insurance markets are only afloat because of massive federal subsidies and premiums and […]

How Joe Biden Would Make the Health Care System Unravel

By Chris Jacobs The Juniper Research Group, September 21, 2020 Joe Biden has billed his health care plan as a moderate alternative to single-payer socialized medicine, going so far as to promise that “If you like your employer-based plan, you can keep it.” But his proposal to allow people with employer coverage to receive federal […]

Health Care Choices and Premiums Under Obamacare: Numbers By State

The Heritage Foundation, April 20, 2020 Heritage releases new state by state numbers on health care choices and premiums under Obamacare. Health care remains a top concern of Americans. Since Obamacare took effect, health insurance premiums surged while choices dropped because of costly rules and regulations—leaving many Americans paying more but getting less. Average monthly premiums more […]