Trump Places Health Care at Center Stage in State of Union Address

By Paige Winfield Cunningham
The Washington Post, Feb. 6, 2019
President Trump sought to place the health care of Americans on center stage during his State of the Union address this week. The president applauded the rollback of a key portion of the ACA, which he has called a disaster. He also called for […]

Preview of the Coming Medicare for All Debate

By Grace-Marie Turner
Forbes, Feb. 7, 2019
The pre-existing condition scare tactics continue. Grace-Marie testified Wednesday before a House Education and Labor Committee hearing on “Examining Threats to Workers with Preexisting Conditions.” She continually stressed […]

Why “Medicare for All” Isn’t Really Medicare at All

By James Pethokoukis
American Enterprise Institute, Jan. 29, 2019
Consider what the average American thinks when they hear “Medicare for All.” They probably think everyone would get the same coverage currently going to their parents and grandparents. Not so. The Medicare for All plan that Sen. Harris supports is actually […]

First Phase of New Association Health Plans Reveals Promising Trends, Jan. 30, 2019
The Department of Labor finalized a new regulation for Association Health Plans (AHPs) in mid-2018 that made it easier for small employers to band together to offer lower-cost “large company” health insurance. This new report finds that benefits trend toward […]

Medicaid and Work: Crisis in Arkansas?

By Doug Badger & Gracie-Marie Turner
RealClear Health, Jan. 29, 2019
The shrill criticism of Arkansas’s Medicaid work requirements is not supported by facts. Eligible recipients must report at least 80 hours a month of work, training, etc., or they’ll be dropped from the program until the end of the year. Just under just under 17,000 people […]

Trump Admin. Approves Arizona’s Request to Condition Medicaid on Work

By Tom Howell Jr.
Washington Times, Jan. 18, 2019

The Trump administration approved Arizona’s request to attach work requirements to Medicaid coverage, making it the eighth state to condition benefits on seeking a job, going to school or otherwise engaging in the community for some recipients. Under the plan, able-bodied enrollees aged 19 to 49 must report monthly they are engaged in at least 80 hours of work, training, or community activity. […]

Consider the Cost of Medicaid Expansion

By J. Peder Zane
The News & Observer, Jan. 19, 2019

The federal government now finances 90% of the cost of Medicaid expansion, but that doesn’t make it free. A recent report found that Medicaid represents about 29.7% of total state spending in fiscal year 2018. In 2008 it was 20.5%. These numbers will continue to grow, sucking up more of our limited funds. […]

Trump Calls for Cracking Down on Surprise Medical Bills

By Peter Sullivan
The Hill, Jan. 23, 2019

President Trump spoke out on Wednesday against surprise medical bills, highlighting an issue that has received bipartisan concern in Congress. “The health care system too often harms people with some unfair surprises … medical bills and the like,” Trump said. “We’re going to stop all of it, and it’s very important to me,” Trump added. […]