Sign the Proposal

Too many hard-working Americans are frustrated and angry with health insurance premiums and deductibles that are so high many can’t afford coverage or to even see a doctor.  They want real solutions, not empty promises.

Health insurance should provide financial security and peace of mind.  People need to know they will be protected if they get sick and that the vulnerable will get the care they need without bankrupting the system.  States should be allowed to open their marketplace to innovation and competition. And Congress must do more to repair the damage of Obamacare.

We call on public officials to work together on solutions that will lead to improved choices of more affordable health insurance so families, rather than bureaucrats, can decide what works best for them.

The Trump Administration has begun making reforms that offer people more options and that offer states more flexibility in overseeing their health insurance markets.  But much more needs to be done, and Congress must act.

The American people need a fresh approach—one that gives them more control and choices of private, affordable coverage and care while making sure the most vulnerable are protected.  Making coverage more affordable means healthy people can stay covered, insurance pools are healthier, and resources are available to help those with greater health needs.  An independent analysis showed the Health Care Choices Proposal would reduce premiums by one third while keeping coverage numbers at least level.

We support the Health Care Choices Proposal to:

  • Reduce costs by unwinding heavy-handed federal mandates and foster innovation in care and coverage
  • Provide dedicated resources to provide for lower-income Americans and those with high health costs
  • Give everyone more choices of affordable coverage to get access to the doctors and plans they prefer
  • Protect life.

Sign the proposal now!

I support the Health Care Choices Proposal and encourage the U.S. Congress to return to health reform that lowers costs, improves choices, and protects the vulnerable.